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‘The World Between Us’ cast members share their messages to their characters

Have you ever gotten so emotionally invested in a TV show that you just wanted to yell at the screen?

Good news for fans of GMA's new drama "The World Between Us" -- it's not just you. Members of the main cast actually get worked up about the unbelievable turn of events, too!

Well, GMA News Online recently got the chance to talk to Jasmine Curtis-Smith (Lia), Tom Rodriguez (Brian), Sid Lucero (Eric) and Kelley Day (Audrey) and asked them what they would like to say to their characters on the show.

Jasmine personally loves her character, Lia, but she can understand where fans are coming from when they say her character needs to find some "alignment" in her life.

"Lia girl, time will come when your heart will tell you what not to do and what is appropriate to do," the actress said.

"But, also, at the same time, consult your brain and consult the people around you or your friends, Lia, who can be a light for you if you can't be a light for yourself," she continued.

Jasmine added: "Ayusin mo' yung buhay mo, girl! 'Yun lang."

Tom, on the other hand, personally believes his character, Brian (Lia's brother), needs to ask himself if he's truly happy.

"Nako, Bryan," Tom sighed.

"Siguro kailangan mas kilalanin mo 'yung sarili mo, as in masaya ka ba talaga sa mga pinagagawa mo sa buhay? Nakakatulong ba siya? Does it [give] you fulfilment? 'Yung puro nasa sarili lang umiikot' yung mundo?" he added.

"Gusto mo makuha 'yung ganito, pagmamahal ng mga tao, gusto mong makuha 'yung kumpanya, gusto mong makuha 'yung ganito, puro gusto mo na lang hindi mo na nakikita kung anong gusto ng iba at kung ano 'yung nararapat. Pakiramdam ko hindi ka masaya, at hindi ka sasaya kung hindi mo titignan talaga kung ano 'yung laman ng puso mo."

Sid Lucero, who plays Lia's childhood friend Eric, said he's a cool guy but he might need to seek some professional help.

"Eric, my god, do you have parents?" Sid began, laughing.

"But, seriously… Eric, I think you’re a really, really cool guy -- you're driven, you are intelligent, you are resourceful and you're very likable but, you know, being likeable isn't gonna get you all the way, di ba?" he said.

"It's really you have to take into consideration other people’s feelings, other people’s wants and what they have planned for themselves and things like that because the world does not revolve around you," he added.

"Now, I may be just saying things or what, but I think there are professionals that actually get to talk to you about these things and I think everybody in the cast should talk to a doctor — ay everybody in the show pala!" he joked, which made his castmates in the Zoom call laugh.

Meanwhile, Kelley couldn't help but personally relate to her character Audrey.

The beauty queen even got emotional while saying she felt proud of how her fictional self managed to grow as a person.

"Gusto ko lang sabihin na proud na proud ako sayo, kasi you're really maturing -- Wow! Am I talking to myself? Oh my god," Kelley said.

"Alam mo na 'yung priorities mo sa buhay mo, you know and how to deal with people and deal with obstacles that you may encounter so, 'yun lang, I just hope that you continue to focus on yourself."

For those who don't know, "The World Between Us" follows the love story between Luisito "Louie" Asuncion (Alden Richards) and Emilia "Lia" Labradilla (Jasmine Curtis-Smith), who feel that they are destined for each other but are for some reason kept apart.

The heartbreaking yet must-watch Kapuso romance drama also stars Tom Rodriguez, Dina Bonnevie, Jaclyn Jose, Sid Lucero, Kelley Day, and more.

The cast said a lot more would happen, but fans will have to wait a little longer to know how their love story will unfold as "The World Between Us" takes a season break and returns this November. – RC, GMA News