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Michael De Mesa and the Eigenmanns gather to pay tribute to Cherie Gil

Michael De Mesa and the Eigenmann family gathered together to pay tribute to Cherie Gil.

On Instagram, Michael shared a photo of a framed picture of his sister with a small urn and a glass of wine next to it.




“I know you were with us — smiling, crying, and laughing at the beautiful memories we shared of you with each other. We miss you so much!” the veteran actor and director said. “But in our grief, we smile knowing that you are hugging Ralph again.”

Raphael John, or Ralph, is the real name of Michael and Cherie’s brother, the late actor Mark Gil.

Cherie passed away due to a rare form of endometrial cancer on August 5. It came as a shock because the actress kept her health condition private.

Her niece Max Eigenmann said that she had wanted to keep her cancer battle private, but she told her whole family about her condition.

The legendary actress was known for her long and multi-awarded acting career and memorable characters in over 100 films, television shows, and theater plays.

Numerous tributes for Cherie continue to pour in from fans, family, friends, and colleagues including Sharon Cuneta, and Cherie's son Raphael. —JCB, GMA News