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'Maria Clara at Ibarra' unveils FiLay theme song by David Licauco

The latest episode of "Maria Clara at Ibarra" just unveiled the official theme song of Team FiLay!

Performed by David Licauco himself, the song "Kailangan Kita" played after Fidel accidentally kissed Klay on the cheek in Ibarra's garden.

With lyrics that reflect their budding romance, the song made the scene even more kilig-inducing for FiLay fans.

"Kailangan kita dito sa aking mundo, mawawala ang sigla 'pag wala ka sa tabi ko," part of the lyrics went.

Fidel and Klay have been making fans invested in their love story with their bardagulan scenes thanks to David and Barbie Forteza's electrifying chemistry.

Both characters do not appear in "Noli Me Tangere," but Klay got isekai'd in the novel after her professor gave her a copy that would transport her into the world of its characters.

Fidel's origin remains mysterious, but in the series, he is a close friend of Crisostomo Ibarra (played by Dennis Trillo).

"Maria Clara at Ibarra" airs on GMA Telebabad on weekdays after "24 Oras." It is also livestreamed on

—MGP, GMA Integrated News