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Liza Soberano reveals backbiting incident: 'They called me 'little producer' behind my back'

Liza Soberano ruffled not a few feathers when she aired what sounded like personal grievances toward show business in her vlog, "This is Me."

On Friday's "Fast Talk with Boy Abunda," the the King of Talk told the 25-year-old celebrity that it appears, "creatively you wanted to do more." 

When Tito Boy clarified with Liza, "hindi ba masyado pinakikinggan ang boses mo pag dating sa creatives, am I getting it right?" The celebrity could only nod in agreement, yes."

When he further probed when she started feeling that way, Liza bookmarked 2019, "when "I started really falling in love with acting."

According to Liza, before all that, she would do whatever she was told. "Masunurin naman ako," she smiled, acknowledging that everybody she worked with is knowledgable in what they do.  

"But when I started understanding how acting works, when I started understanding character development, I would talk with directors, to the PAs, to the writers and be like, 'sa tingin ko po, hindi sasabihin ng character ko to, hindi gagawin ng character ko to.' And sometimes, they would negotiate and say, 'no, kailangan talaga ito ang mangari.'

"But I didn't know behind my back — a really close director friend of mine, told me they would about me talk behind my back, and call me 'little producer'."

"Ever since after that, I felt I didn't have the right to bring this up. Feeling ko, nao-offend mga tao. Which was not my intention but I thought as an actor, that was my job, to help improve the story, to be collaborative."

When Tito Boy asked if she ever raised it with management or brought it up with her manager Ogie Diaz, Liza said she did but that they couldn't do anything about it because she also couldn't reveal the source of her information.  

"So I decided to stay quiet. I backed off," Liza said. "Baka ganun lang talaga ang showbiz. I didn't know anything else beyond that. Iniisip ko pa long, maybe ako yung rude for questioning the creatives' decisions."

When asked if she was unhappy, Liza said, "It's not that I wasn't happy. But I wasn't fulfilled. I wanted more participation. I wanted to feel heard or listened to."

In the taped one-on-one interview, Liza defended herself saying she was only "stating facts" in her vlog. She also revealed being an artista came out of necessity.

Friday's exclusive interview is just the first part of Liza's tell-all. The second part will air on Monday. — LA, GMA Integrated News