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5 exciting things to expect from 'Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience'

"Voltes V: Legacy" is set to premiere on GMA Network on May 8, but before that, a portion of the legacy series will be screened in movie theaters from April 19 to 25.

The film features a two-hour material from the first three weeks of the ground-breaking action-packed live adaptation.

For those watching in theaters soon, here are five exciting things to expect from "Voltes V: Legacy: The Cinematic Experience."

1. Filipino talent takes center stage

From costume to visual effects to everything in between, "Voltes V: Legacy" takes pride in bringing Filipino talent to the forefront with its 100% Filipino production—from cast, staff members, and everyone else who worked hard to make "Voltes V: Legacy" a reality.

"When you see the graphics of Marvel, you see that very long graphics, gano'n po ang 'Voltes V: Legacy,' gano'n karami rin ang nagtatrabaho behind the camera and proudly 100% Filipino made," director Mark Reyes told the press during Tuesday's media conference.

2. Julie Anne San Jose's take on the iconic "Voltes V" theme song

If you've been wanting to hear the full rendition of Julie Anne San Jose's take on the iconic theme song of "Voltes V," then watching the cinematic experience of the legacy series is your chance. 

Julie Anne's voice will be playing in the background, singing the nostalgic theme song, every time the Voltes V members "volt in" to unleash the super electromagnetic fighter machine.

3. Familial storyline

One of the reasons why "Voltes V" has remained relevant and close to Filipinos' hearts after all these years is the familial storyline which highlights the similarities between the Japanese and Filipinos when it comes to having a close-knit relationship with their families.

While "Voltes V: Legacy" remains faithful to its promised action-packed scenes, the familial storyline glues the story altogether.

4. Satisfying action scenes and out-of-this-world visual effects

If there's one thing about "Voltes V: Legacy," it's that you'll never run out of satisfying and thrilling action scenes and out-of-this-world visual effects, especially during the first time the team went into formation to unleash Voltes V. Needless to say, it was glorious in every second.

In fact, TOEI Company, the original maker of the "Voltes V" anime series, lauded the "high-quality visual effects" of the anime's live adaptation.

"Your robots look cool and intense—beautifully designed with very high quality visual effects. I was really surprised. I honestly admire all of you for the great job that you have done," Toei's Director of Planning and Production Shinichiro Shirakura said.

5. The cinematic experience is just a sneak peek; there's more to come in TV

If you think you've seen enough by watching the cinematic experience of "Voltes V: Legacy," then you've thought wrong. There is more to come in the TV series, so make sure to tune in to GMA Telebabad starting on May 8.

The "Voltes V: Legacy" main cast, namely Miguel (Steve Armstrong), Ysabel Ortega (Jamie Robinson), Raphael Landicho (Little Jon), Matt Lozano (Big Bert), and Radson Flores (Mark Gordon), graced the premiere of the cinematic experience held in SM North Edsa The Block on Tuesday.

During the launch, the stars couldn't help but watch in awe and turn emotional as they witnessed their hard work on the big screen for the very first time.

—MGP, GMA Integrated News