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Juancho Triviño shows how they did the fitting for Padre Salvi's wig

How did "Maria Clara at Ibarra" achieve Padre Salvi’s bald head?

On Instagram, Juancho Triviño shared a throwback video taken during the fitting for the iconic "panot" wig.

“Throwback muna tayo for todays video mga kaibigan,” the Kapuso actor wrote in the caption. “[N]oong sinusukatan nila ang aking buong muka para sa iba’t ibang options for the PS look.”

Juancho said that he needed to stay still for an hour during the process.

Padre Salvi is an antagonist in GMA’s historical series “Maria Clara at Ibarra,” which is currently streaming on Netflix.

Juancho also popularized skits wearing his Padre Salvi costume. Along with co-star Kiel Rodriguez, he tried a drive-thru, went grocery shopping, and even watched a volleyball tournament!




—Carby Basina/JCB, GMA Integrated News