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5 things about Liza Soberano's character Taffy in 'Lisa Frankenstein'

Liza Soberano had a strong Hollywood debut as the film "Lisa Frankenstein" premieres in cinemas on Wednesday, February 7.

The Filipina actress has been getting praises for her performance, including from co-star Kathryn Newton and American film producer Joe Russo.

Liza played the role of Taffy, the stepsister of the titular character (Kathryn). But more than just a pretty face, Taffy had a significant part in shaping the character of her sister.

Here are some things to know about Liza's supporting role in the film.

1. Taffy is a protective sister

She is not the typical selfish and bratty sister who bullies the heroine. She is a loving, sympathetic, and cool sibling who would always include Lisa in parties despite the obvious dislike from her mother (Carla Gugino). She would often stand up and defend Lisa from her mother’s ire towards her sister.

She was Lisa's only friend in school and a protective figure in her life who shoos away boys hovering around her. 

2. She is a good listener

Lisa has no friends, so it's natural that she vents out her frustrations, spills her secrets, and talks about her high school crush to Taffy. Taffy, being the good sister she was would listen most of the time to her sisters' frustrations, interests and feelings.

Taffy is Lisa's number one confidante. She comforts her when she is sad and pep-talks her when she is frustrated. Lisa found comfort, trust, and love in Taffy and she would always be the sister whom Lisa cherishes a lot.

3. She is a popular but kind queen bee

Unlike Lisa, Taffy was a popular girl in school, a member of the cheerleading squad, and the queen bee of her girl squad. 

But she is not your typical queen bee who has a mean demeanor. In fact, she is a cool one and she is kind towards others.

4. She is a fashion guru 

As a popular girl, it's natural for Taffy to have a good fashion sense, and she often gives fashion advice and suggestions on what to wear that Lisa never really follow.

Taffy's style is more vibrant than Lisa's gothic aesthetics, wearing more colorful and girly outfits.

5. She is the screenwriter's favorite character in the film

In an interview with Universal Pictures, movie screenwriter Diablo Cody said that Taffy was her favorite character in the film.

Diablo described Taffy as "a beacon of positivity" whose intentions are always kind.

Inspired by the gothic novel "Frankenstein" by English writer Mary Shelley, "Lisa Frankenstein" follows the story of Lisa, a misunderstood teenager, and her high school crush, played by Cole Sprouse, who happens to be a handsome corpse.

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