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NCT’s Taeyong officially enlists in the military 

NCT’s Taeyong officially enlists in the military 

Taeyong of the K-pop group NCT has officially enlisted in the South Korean military on Monday, April 15.

On Instagram, the NCT leader shared snaps of himself sporting buzz-cut hair with his mates as they prepared to send him off in the military. 

“I'll be back safely! Be healthy! Let's go! Our day !!!! I love you,” Taeyong wrote in Korean, translated into English by Instagram. 

The K-pop idol announced his military enlistment in March along with a heartfelt letter for his beloved fans. 

Taeyong, whose real name is Lee Taeyong, is the first NCT member to enlist in the South Korean military, enlisting in the Navy as an active-duty soldier. He is expected to be discharged in December 2025.

Taeyong debuted in NCT in 2016, and in its sub-unit NCT U and NCT 127 in the same year. Together with his fellow NCT 127 members, Taeyong performed at the Philippine Sports Stadium in January for the Philippine stop of their "Unity" tour.

Aside from being the leader of the NCT brand, Taeyong is also a soloist debuting in 2023 with "Shalala." He recently made a comeback with the song "Tap."

Serve your country well, Taeyong! 



— Jade Veronique Yap/LA, GMA Integrated News

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