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NCT's Taeyong to enlist in the military in April

NCT's Taeyong to enlist in the military in April

Taeyong of the K-pop group NCT is gearing up for his military enlistment.

According to Taeyong's label SM Entertainment, as cited in the article by Soompi, the 28-year-old idol will be enlisting in the navy as an active-duty soldier on April 15.

On Monday, the NCT leader took to WeVerse to share a heartfelt handwritten letter for his beloved fans as he announced his military enlistment.

"Hello, this is Taeyong. It seems like the beginning of 2024 was only yesterday, but just in a blink of an eye, spring has already come. The reason I wrote this letter is because as of April 15th, I will be serving in the military," he wrote in Korean and translated in English by WeVerse.

Taeyong went on to look back on the times and said he was "able to grow more mature" because of his fans and fellow members.

"Every moment was meaningful and all of it were happy times, so thank you for giving me those valuable and shining times as a present," he added.

He also promised to learn many things while serving in the military and be back as a better version of himself.

Ending his letter, Taeyong expressed how he's going to miss his fans and reminded them to always stay healthy.

"Czennie, our NCTzen, we have grown proudly together, don't we. So that's why it feels more affectionate and precious. I think I'm going to miss you guys so much. I will be back well so all of you stay healthy and be well too! I'll be back soon!" he ended.

Taeyong, whose real name is Lee Taeyong, will be the first NCT member to enlist in the South Korean military. He is expected to be discharged in December 2025.

Taeyong debuted in NCT in 2016, and in its sub-unit NCT U and NCT 127 in the same year. Taeyong together with his fellow NCT 127 members performed at the Philippine Sports Stadium in January for the Philippine stop of their "Unity" tour.

Aside from being the leader of the NCT brand, Taeyong is also a soloist debuting in 2023 with "Shalala." He recently made a comeback with the song "Tap."

—Jade Veronique Yap/MGP, GMA Integrated News