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Taguig prepared to take in 10 barangays transferred from Makati

The city government of Taguig on Saturday assured residents of the 10 barangays that would be transferred to its jurisdiction from Makati City that they would receive the same level of service given to all the other city communities.

In a statement, the Taguig City Public Information Office said it “warmly welcomes to its bosom the residents of the 10 concerned barangays.”

“The separation from Makati may be hurting, and we acknowledge your sentiments. We respect your emotional attachment to Makati, which took care of your welfare for a long time, and we understand your fears that Taguig would be unable to give the social benefits you have been enjoying,” it said.

“We assure you that Taguig is prepared to take on the responsibility of governing your communities with the same commitment and solicitude it has done with its 28 barangays,” it added.

The city issued the statement after the Supreme Court rejected the Makati City government's motion asking the high court to allow it to file a second motion for reconsideration over its territorial dispute with Taguig City.

“Consequently, the Court noted without action the City of Makati’s second motion for reconsideration challenging the Court’s decision dated December 1, 2021. A second motion for reconsideration is generally prohibited under the Rules of Court,” the High Court said.

In its 2021 decision, the SC ruled that the Fort Bonifacio Military Reservation, consisting of parcels 3 and 4, psu-2031, was part of the territory of Taguig City.

The High Court in September 2022 then denied Makati’s motion for reconsideration assailing the 2021 decision.

“We give thanks to the Lord, whose goodness and steadfast love endures forever, for giving us the timely resolution of the Supreme Court denying Makati’s prohibited second motion for reconsideration which sought to delay the implementation of its final and executory decision resolving in favor of Taguig the two-decade dispute over the Fort Bonifacio Military Reservation,” Taguig City said.

The Taguig government told the barangays that would be transferred that they could “expect the responsive public service emanating from our vision to bring about a transformative, lively, and caring city.”

“We are not focused merely on social benefits. Our vision includes making our citizens active participants in our city's progress, by creating opportunities for businesses to grow and for jobs to flourish,” it said.

Taguig City said it extended its hand to Makati for “a coordinated and orderly transition.”

“Our differences in this legal case should not deter us from cooperating for our mutual benefit. We also call on all government agencies to initiate taking steps for a speedy and full transition,” the Taguig government said.

“The historic Supreme Court ruling is a momentous event for Taguig. It presents us with big challenges and big opportunities,” it added. — DVM, GMA Integrated News