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Natural Medical Center's Agustin-Bunch closes outpatient clinic

Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch, owner of the Natural Medical Center in Tarlac which was closed by authorities for allegedly selling unauthorized supplements, announced on Sunday night that she would also temporarily close her outpatient clinic.

"I was also told that if my outpatient clinic was still open tomorrow, that I would be arrested and my license to practice medicine would be revoked," Bunch said in a Facebook video message.

She added that she, her children, and her patients had been threatened over the continued operation of her clinic, and she thus needed to close it though it broke her "heart to do this."

"If something bad happens to me, please remember that I fought for my fellow Filipinos to have choices in their healthcare," Bunch said tearfully.

"I love my patients so much. I have nothing to offer the sick without my inventions."

In a written statement that accompanied the video, Bunch said the closure of her clinic would give her "the opportunity  to deal with the many issues coming from government offices and agencies initiated from the complaints filed by certain medical societies."

Food and Drug Administration officials raided and closed Bunch's Natural Medical Center in Victoria, Tarlac last Friday.

The wellness center was known for supplements which allegedly helped in the treatment of cancer, arthritis, and other illnesses. — DVM, GMA News