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Michelle Dee reveals she didn't want to come out as bisexual because of bashing, toxicity

Michelle Dee reveals she didn't want to come out as bisexual because of bashing, toxicity

It’s been a year since Michelle Dee came out as bisexual.

Although she is now an LGBTQIA+ icon, Michelle just revealed that she actually didn’t want to come out of the closet.

“I myself didn't actually plan to come out,” the beauty queen and actress said in an Instagram Reel.

“Naturally, after you win the national crown Miss Universe Philippines, there will also come some bashing, some toxicity, and part of that was just people trying to take away my story,” she added.

Michelle said that before coming out, a lot of her old photos went viral. Because of this, she said that coming out should be done when the person feels like it’s the right time.

“[Your sexuality is] not a basis on your capabilities. It's not the basis of what you have to offer to the world. Because quite frankly, we are much more than how we identify ourselves,” Michelle said.

Holding a rainbow flag, the actress and beauty queen added, “This flag is meant to unite. It's not meant to divide.”

This Pride Month, Michelle encourages everyone to come as they are.

“You don't have to label yourself to be a loud and proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community,” she said.

She added that she will go to Pride marches to enjoy and show her support.

Michelle came out as bisexual in 2023 after being crowned Miss Universe Philippines.

“But to come out at that time, I felt, would have distracted my main mission because there’s so much about myself that I can show to the universe and not use my sexuality just to define me,” she said. “I just felt like it wasn’t the right time, or it wasn’t the right moment. To just use it for marketing, clout, or attention, it didn’t feel right.”

Michelle finished in the Top 10 of the Miss Universe 2023 pageant and won several special awards. She recently crowned her successor Chelsea Manalo from Bulacan.



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