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Both DNA tests in Rizal baby-switching incident come back negative

DNA tests have proven that two mothers who gave birth at a hospital in Rizal have taken home the wrong babies.

In the latest episode of "Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho," first-time parents Margareth Traballo and Kim Jasper Mulleno learned the truth about the baby boy they took home. The DNA test done on Margareth and her baby yielded a negative result. This meant that she is not the baby boy’s biological mother.

"[It's] Confusing kasi we firmly believed na wala namang naging problem sa hospital," the father told Jessica Soho.

["It’s confusing because we firmly believed that nothing wrong happened at the hospital."]

Unlike the Mullenos, April and Marvin Sifiata, another first-time parents of a baby boy born in the same hospital, immediately suspected that something was amiss.

The photo of Aphril’s baby after giving birth and the child that was given to them looked different. They also noticed that the name and the date on the baby's tag were incorrect.

The Sifiatas sought the help of KMJS to confirm if they were given the wrong baby in the hospital. Just earlier this month, KMJS facilitated the DNA testing on Aphril and her baby,

The DNA result: Negative. There is also zero-percent probability that Aphril and the baby with her are biologically related.

However, the two negative DNA results do not prove yet that the child under the Mullenos’ care is the Sifiata’s or vice-versa.

Another round of DNA tests would have to be conducted to ascertain two things: The relationship between Aphril Sifiata and the baby under the Mullenos’ care; and the relationship between Margareth Traballo and the baby under the Sifiata’s care.

The wait is far from over, but both couples want nothing more than to finally reunite with their own child.

"Sad kasi, s'yempre we were hoping na sa 'min si baby but, at the same time I'm feeling hopeful pa rin po na mapunta sa amin si baby namin and makuha na nina Aphril 'yung baby nila," Margareth said.

["We’re sad because we were hoping that the baby we took home is ours but at the same time, we are hopeful that our real baby will be returned to us, and that Aphril will be reunited with their baby too."]

"Kung mapatunayan din na talagang baby n’yo 'yung nasa amin, pinapangako ko sa inyo na aalagaan ko siya habang hinihintay pa natin 'yung next result," Aphril added.

["If the confirmatory test will prove that we have your baby, I promise you that I will take care of the baby with us while we wait for the results."]

For the first time, the Sifiatas and the Mullenos showed their babies to one another over a video conference call.

Aphril and Margareth were handed the wrong babies after giving birth at H Vill Hospital in Rizal last January.

The hospital has yet to comment on the incident.

The Department of Health (DOH), however, has conducted a surprise inspection and found out that the hospital did not have the necessary permit to operate a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU.

According to Dr. Eduardo Janairo, a director at DOH-CALABARZON, the hospital admitted to the baby-switching incident.

The Mullenos also shared that they had requested the staff to correct their child's tag after misspelling his surname, but did not fully witness them doing so.

Both couples are determined to file a formal complaint to the DOH over the incident which, they remarked, "should never happen" to any parent.

Just last Saturday, the Mullenos and the Sifiatas met in person. Both mothers and babies were also swabbed for the confirmatory DNA tests.

For the first time, even though nothing yet is certain, they were able to hold each other’s babies. —MGP, GMA News