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4 expert tips that can help you navigate the online dating pool

Even before the pandemic started, online dating has been a popular avenue for searching for love and relationships.

It offers an easy way to connect with people who are similarly "in the market," but there is also a trade-off: you can also easily get ghosted or even catfished.

And just like in in-person dating, success is far from guaranteed—everyone needs to step up their game not only to land their soulmates but also to protect themselves.

Here are some tips on finding love online, as shared by Coach Aiza Tabayoyong of the Love Institute to Dr. Anna Tuazon in "Share Ko Lang."

1: Engage in deliberative dating

Coach Aiza encourages everyone to be deliberative and intentional when it comes to dating.

People should know what they want and what they are looking for,  so they can meaningfully get to know their prospects and decide if they are a great fit.

"Hindi ka lang nagde-date to have fun pero talagang kinikilala mo 'yung dinedate mo, 'yung potential partner mo at kinikilala mo rin 'yung sarili mo," she said.

2: Determine your non-negotiables

Everyone probably has deal breakers when it comes to relationships, and it would be good to be aware of them beforehand. They can help you decide whether the relationship will work or not.

"If it's a non-negotiable for you, gusto ko mabilis sumagot, gusto ko ako ‘yung priority tapos ganyan mabagal sumagot, baka that's already a sign," Coach Aiza said.

"Pwede din rin you be patient kasi nga boundaries, hindi pa tayo magkakilala, magkaiba tayo at hindi naman ito non-negotiable sayo, kaya mong magbigay ng konting palugit, right? So pwede, especially in the initial parts."

3. Beware of the risks, pay attention to red flags

To keep yourselves safe, Coach Aiza urged everyone to be on the lookout for sketchy behavior from potential partners.

"'Pag may ni-request sayo na hindi ayon sa iyong values, na magpadala ng picture ng kung anu-ano, magkikita kayo sa isang weird na lugar at na weird na oras, hindi ayon din sa iyong values, 'yun red flags 'yun," she said.

"Any time that you feel uncomfortable or online pa lang, medyo pili ka na lang ng iba kasi kung lalo na pag nag meet kayo face to face, you don't feel safe na nga online, paano ka pa magiging feel safe?"

4. Make sure you're on the same page 

Finally, make sure that you and and your potential partner have the same expectations when it comes to relationships.

Are you both looking for a long-term or short-term relationship? Are they just looking for friends or networking? This can help you filter who would fit your specific needs.

"'Yung pareho kayo, you're on the same level, you're on the same intention, at the same time hindi mo napi-feel na naba-violent ka kahit emotionally or physically or even intellectually," said Coach Aiza.

"Meron din sense of safety kahit online tayo, dapat alam mo na feeling mo safe ka pa rin."

—MGP, GMA News