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Kris Aquino reunites with sons Josh, Bimby in Los Angeles

Kris Aquino has reunited with her sons Josh and Bimby in Los Angeles, California.

On Instagram, Sunday, the television and media personality posted photos and a video of her and her sons meeting at the airport.

"Kuya & Bimb are my living reminders to not give up because they still need a healthier mama. 'Pag mahal mo, hinding hindi ka susuko, itutuloy ang LABAN," Kris said.

"Tonight I'll sleep 'siksik' in between my 2 giants. Muling nabuo kaming 3, thank you God for making me a very happy mama," she added.

Josh and Bimby had been staying with Kris in the United States as she gets treatment for five autoimmune conditions.

Their mother recently sent them back home to the Philippines so they could spend some time with their family and friends.

Kris, however, felt her sons' absence most keenly.

"I told Bimb the deep bone pain I felt in my joints & lower back was getting worse, walking was becoming harder because of my swollen right knee, and I needed him to please come back earlier," she said.

"Mahirap mag-chemotherapy medication as part of my immunosuppressant therapy without the support system of family."

In her previous health update, Kris said it's definite that she has five and possibly six autoimmune conditions. She continues to get treatment in the United States.

Bimby is Kris's son with James Yap, while the elder Josh is her son with Philip Salvador.

—MGP, GMA Integrated News