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Ben&Ben to focus on writing second album, drops lo-fi version of 'Lifetime' in BBTV season finale

Ben&Ben has entertained their fans with new content amid the coronavirus pandemic thanks to their BBTV series on YouTube.

From performing K-pop covers  to putting twists on OPM songs, the band wowed many people with their musicality.

On Wednesday, however, Ben&Ben announced that BBTV has reached its end—at least for the first season.

"The band will now be focusing on writing the 2nd album," they said in a tweet.

As a parting gift to their fans, Ben&Ben dropped a lo-fi version of their single "Lifetime" for the season finale.

The song was inspired by a comment in their "Pagtingin" music video, which told the story of a fan's missed chance at love.

Judging by the comments on the new version, netizens still can't get enough of the song's guaranteed hugot.

In April, the band released its first international single called "Doors." They also made it to the 29th spot in the Global Billboard Social 50—MGP, GMA News

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