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Juancho Triviño reacts to 'Maria Clara at Ibarra' fan's hilarious bashing of Padre Salvi

"Maria Clara at Ibarra" fans could not help but hate Padre Salvi for his cruelty towards Crispin and Basilio as well as his creepiness towards Maria Clara.

On social media, many of them expressed their disdain for the character played by Juancho Triviño, but some have chosen to hurl hilarious insults over the priest's hair.

On Instagram, Wednesday, Juancho shared one example of this by posting his reaction to a TikTok user unleashing fury towards the character.

"Ako pikon na pikon na ko sa 'yo ah. Panot! Panot! Isa kang panot! Mukha kang itlog na puyat. Panot!" said the user.

Clad in his Padre Salvi costume, Juancho watched the video and looked startled whenever he was called "panot."

In the comments, other fans began sharing their feelings towards the hated friar.

"Epal ka sa buhay Padre Salvi," said one commenter. "Mukha kang bunot na pudpod. Kaka high blood."

"Kakagigil ka din naman kase Padre Salvi Sinaunang Sunny Side Up daw," said another.

In "Noli Me Tangere," Padre Salvi is the parish priest of the fictional town of San Diego in Laguna. He has a secret desire for Maria Clara.

"Maria Clara at Ibarra" follows Klay (Barbie Forteza), a Gen Z nursing student who enters the world of Dr. Jose Rizal's novels and learns more about history in the process.

Also starring Julie Anne San Jose, Dennis Trillo, and David Licauco, the historical portal fantasy series airs on GMA Telebabad on weekdays after "24 Oras."

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