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Liza Soberano clarifies earnings and commission rates of former managers

On Monday's episode of "Fast Talk with Boy Abunda," Liza Soberano clarified her earnings and the commission rates of her former managers after the King of Talk asked her about money matters being talked about on social media.

According to Liza, she previously had three managers — Ogie Diaz, her dad's first cousin Joni Lyn Castillo-Pillarina, and Star Magic — before her recent rebranding

While Liza admits she doesn't "really like talking about commissions because it's a private financial matter," she clarified some talk that Ogie was taking 40% commission from her earnings. "People were accusing Tito Ogie of taking 40% from me. I want to clarify na hindi po yon totoo," she began.

According to Liza, until 2015-2016, Ogie took 30% in commission, her Tita Joni 20% and Star Magic at 10%, leaving her with only 40% of her earnings.

But "I also pay U.S. taxes alongside my Philippine taxes 'cause I'm a U.S. citizen and a Filipino citizen so my total take-home was around 30%," Liza explained.

Sometime around 2015-2016, when she was 17 years old, both her Tita Joni and Ogie decided to bring down their commissions to 15% and 20% respectively because "they felt like I deserved more because I was putting in a lot of work."

Star Magic, she said, was still at 10%.

"And Star Magic was still at 10%," she said, clarifying that the agency would only take the commissions from endorsements.

"I never complained because 'yun po 'yung nasa kontrata," said Liza.

When Boy asked Liza if it was true that Ogie was no longer collecting commissions from her in the last two years, Liza said that was incorrect.

"It's not right," she said. "That's incorrect. It actually hurts me that he's making up those lies about me. I feel like he's trying to make it seem like I wasn't profitable in the past two years we were working together when he knows the truth," Liza said tearing up.

"He knows my pains, he knows the things that I felt, the things were mishandled so it's kind of unfair — I feel like he's trying to tarnish my name," she continued.

"And he knows. I don't want to bring this up but he still gets commissions from some of the endorsements of mine that fell under the time I was under contract with him even though he has no more obligations. We told him he had no more obligations towards me with those endorsements."

"Literally last month, we gave him a paycheck for an endorsement that was renewed before our contract ended. And kahit wala na siyang ginagawa for that, we gave him his commission because that's what's right," she said.

"I wouldn't breach my contract," Liza added.

When asked if that was the last time she paid him, Liza said "He's going to get another one this week."

In the same interview, the actress aired her sentiments concerning Ogie and admitted she is feeling a bit resentful toward him.

“Natapos naman po ‘yung kontrata namin nang tama, nang maayos, nang hindi po kami magkaaway, super nagkakaintindihan po kami," Liza said, adding they had a good talk and she explained her decision.

"Why is he trying to say things to make people turn against me?" She asked.

This is the second and final part of Boy Abunda's exclusive one-on-one interview with Liza Soberano.

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