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Bianca Umali confirms she will play Danaya's daughter in 'Sang're'

Bianca Umali just confirmed that she will play Danaya's daughter in "San'gre: Encantadia Chronicles!"

In an interview with GMA Integrated News on "24 Oras," Monday, the Sparkle actress said her character's name is Terra, the new keeper of the Brilyante ng Lupa.

Bianca was first teased as part of the "Sang'gre" cast when Director Mark Reyes unveiled the series concept art in the San Diego Comic-Con.

According to Bianca, even she was surprised at the reveal, having kept her casting a secret for a while now.

"The way I'm preparing for this is as if I'm preparing for a Marvel movie. Ganoon ko po siya pinaghahandan," she said. "I am preparing my physique for it, I'm preparing my skills for it, and I have been studying everything about Encantadia."

Bianca previously posted a video of her training with arnis sticks, the same weapon used by Danaya in the 2005 and 2016 versions of "Encantadia."

Back in June, Direk Mark said "Sang'gre" will go into production very soon. He also recently said that the original four Sang'gresAmihan, Pirena, Alena, and Danaya—will still be a part of the series.

Welcome "Encantadia," Bianca! Avisala, Sang'gre Terra!

—MGP, GMA Integrated News