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Liza Soberano says she made a Twitter account because of late actor AJ Perez

Liza Soberano says she made a Twitter account because of late actor AJ Perez

Before Liza Soberano was thrust into the limelight, she was once a fangirl like any other of us.

In a 12-minute vlog called One Down hosted by Tessa Albea, the "Lisa Frankenstein" star revealed that she was a huge fan of the late actor AJ Perez.

"I was a huge fan of AJ Perez 'cause I have watched him in this one teleserye called 'Sabel.' And it was very unfortunate that he passed away," Liza told Tessa.

According to her, AJ was the reason why she created an X (formerly Twitter) account to remember and show respect to the late actor. 

"That was the reason why I created my Twitter because I wanted to have some sort of memory of him, so I followed him," she added.

The Filipina-American actress shared that after his passing, she began getting messages from AJ's account. She admitted that she felt "scared" and found it "strange" that she was getting messages from the social media account of a dead person.

When she finally checked the messages, she found out they were from AJ's relatives.

"And then eventually, I came to it, and then I checked the message. It was messages from his family, but it was always very scary when I would receive notifications from AJ Perez," she said. 

Liza said she is now close with AJ's family and has become friends with his younger brother, Gelo.

AJ was a promising teen actors in his time, appearing in several shows and movies. But on April 17, 2011, he passed away after the vehicle he was in collided with a bus in Moncada, Tarlac. He was only 18 years old.

Coincidentally, Liza who was on her way to Manila from Pangasinan for her first-ever audition, passed by the area where AJ met his tragic fate but didn't know that it was him. 

"The day he passed away, I was on my way 'cause I lived in Pangasinan at that time and I actually passed by his accident and that was the day that I auditioned for the first time ever to be like an artista," Liza recalled.

"It was crazy. And I didn't know it was him," she continued.

Liza found out about AJ's death through her road manager. Upon hearing the news, she cried and wanted to attend his wake but her relatives told her that the actor didn't even know him.

The Filipina actress has been making waves after her first Hollywood project, "Lisa Frankenstein," hit cinemas this month.

Liza plays Taffy, the popular yet kind girl who is also Lisa's stepsister. Her performance has been receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

Enrique Gil and American filmmaker Joe Russo are among those who praised her for a job well done in the film.

—Jade Veronique Yap/MGP, GMA Integrated News