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Authorities urged to check if acts of foreigner in Makati village could get him deported

A party-list lawmaker called on authorities to look into whether the acts of the Spanish citizen living in a posh subdivision in Makati City who was involved in an altercation incident with a police officer warrant his deportation.

In a statement late Monday evening, 1-PACMAN party-list Representative Eric Pineda condemned the behavior of Javier Parra, a resident of Dasmariñas Village, towards Police Senior Master Sergeant Roland Von Madrona and Bantay Bayan personnel Esteban Gaan.

"There is no place in this country, especially during these trying times, for rudeness and non-cooperation. Mr. Parra, being a foreigner, should have been more cautious of his actions in the country that accepted him," Pineda said.

"The incident involving Mr. Parra, who was allegedly drunk during that time, should be thoroughly investigated. And if he is found to be guilty of disrespect towards a person in authority, then deportation proceedings should follow, as such behavior cannot be tolerated," he added.

The incident occured when Madrona, while patrolling the village upon the request of the barangay chairperson, noticed Parra's housemaid, Cherilyn Escalante, watering plants outside the property's perimeter without a face mask, which is a violation of quarantine rules. Makati City has passed an ordinance requiring residents to wear face masks when in public.

Mardona and Gaan approached the maid and told her to wear a face mask. Escalante obliged and went inside the house to get her face mask but Parra and his wife soon went outside and confronted the law enforcers.

Police claimed that Parra even lectured Madrona on how to properly implement the quarantine guidelines. While both parties were in the middle of an argument, Gaan took video clips of the incident.

This made Parra, who was without a shirt and face mask, furious, prompting him to humiliate and hurl invectives at the cop, police said.

Madrona then tried to arrest him but Parra evaded and went inside his house.

Parra claimed that his maid told him the cop was imposing a fine of P1,000 because she was not wearing a face mask while watering the plants.

But Pineda, citing the statement of local barangay officials, said that Madrona was not fining anyone for not wearing a mask and was just reprimanding the house helper.

Pineda went on to question whether Parra is legally allowed to stay in the Philippines, as well as whether he was verbally or physically abusive of the household members.

"Does he have an alien employment permit or did he avail of our retirement program?" he said.

"He even berated and shoved his own wife as seen in the video. Who knows if Mr. Parra has been verbally, or perhaps physically abusing people in his household whenever he is under the influence of alcohol?" he added.

Makati Police said Parra is facing charges for alleged violation of Article 151 of the Revised Penal Code (Disobedience to a Lawful Person in Authority), Republic Act 11332 (Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act) and City Ordinance 2000-089, for not wearing a face mask, as well as Direct Assault.

The Bureau of Immigration is also already looking into the incident—KG, GMA News