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Liza Soberano tells Bea Alonzo that she felt 'boxed in' by being in a love team

Liza Soberano shared her thoughts on love teams in the Philippines, admitting that she felt "boxed in" by being in one during her career.

On Bea Alonzo's vlog, Liza took the Lie Detector Challenge and bravely answered questions on hot topics surrounding her as she rebrands herself and pursues a career in Hollywood.

Liza was previously in a love team with her boyfriend Enrique Gil, but she is now forging her own path in her showbiz career.

"At the time when I was in a love team, 'di ko naisip na problema siya actually," she said.

"Quen was my comfort zone. It wasn't till later that I realized, "Oh my god, ang daming kong hindi ginawa sa career ko,'" she added.

Liza said she did not want to break off the love team for the sake of the fans, but now, she is embarking on a fresh new chapter and chasing dreams that she had to hold off before.

"Love team is a phenomenon [that is] only created in the Philippines, and it only exists in the Philippines. To box a woman like that is so dangerous for her mental health and growth," she said.

The actress said her talent or acting capabilities are taken for granted because viewers has only seen her under a love team.

"Everything that I'm trying to do now as a solo artist is not being taken seriously, or is not being respected, and it's seen as something that is negative," she said.

"They think that I am some kind of wild child now just because I am not in a love team or I'm not seen around the same man constantly when it is not normal," she added.

In the same interview, Liza shut down rumors of having an abortion. She also talked about clout chasing and being addicted to reading negative comments about herself before.

Liza recently reintroduced herself and created a short-film commercial after she rebranded on YouTube and social media.

—Kimberly Tsao/MGP, GMA Integrated News