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Ogie Diaz airs side after Liza Soberano's interviews on 'Fast Talk with Boy Abunda'

Liza Soberano's former manager, Ogie Diaz, took to his vlog to clarify the statements Liza made in her two-part interview on "Fast Talk with Boy Abunda."

On Ogie reportedly saying he didn't receive commission for two years

According to Ogie, he never said he didn't receive commissions in the last two years.

"Wala akong sinasabi na hindi ako tumatanggap ng komisyon. Ang sinasabi ko po ay hindi na tumatanggap si Liza ng mga project dahil nga papunta na siya sa ibang direksyon," the talent manager said.

"Magkaiba ho 'yung hindi tumatanggap ng komisyon sa hindi na tumatanggap ng projects si Liza coming from me," he added.

In Liza's interview, Boy asked Liza if it was true Ogie was no longer collecting commissions from her in the last two years.

"That's incorrect. It actually hurts me that he's making up those lies about me. I feel like he's trying to make it seem like I wasn't profitable in the past two years we were working together when he knows the truth," Liza said.

"I don't want to bring this up but he still gets commissions from some of the endorsements of mine that fell under the time I was under contract with him even though he has no more obligations," she added.

Ogie confirmed Liza's statement about receiving a paycheck last month, and promised to report on the paycheck Liza said he was going to get "this week."

On Ogie's commission

Contrary to what Liza said in her interview, Ogie said "Ako ang nagdesisyon na magbaba [ng komisyon]. Alam 'yan ng tatay ni Liza."

"Dahil nakita ko naman 'yung effort ng bata," he added.

According to Ogie, he initially received 30% commission on what he called a "build-up contract." He didn't specify the dates but he lowered it to 20% later on. According to Liza, that happened around 2015-2016. Both of them said Star Magic received 10% commission all throughout.

Ogie added it was him who asked Liza if she wanted to lower her Tita Joni's commission, but according to Ogie, the actress said no "because Tita Joni deserves it."

On Ogie allegedly not accompanying Liza to shoots and more

In her interview, Liza mentioned that Ogie didn't go to her shoots unlike her Tita Joni who always accompanied her.  She said Ogie handled the negotiations or dealings.

According to Ogie, he went on set visits but not often. He added he went with her to places like Baguio, Bulacan, and New York, adding he even paid out of pocket to accompany Liza to a New York engagement..

Ogie continued he has a road manager under his employ who attends to his tasks when Ogie is unable to, presumably including set visits to Liza when his schedule doesn't allow. "Ang important, present ago sa lahat ng billings, sa lahat ng negotiations," Ogie continued.

Ogie's alleged comments on Liza's rebranding announcement

In Ogie's vlog posted on Wednesday, he said he only made public his comments because Liza first made public her vlog.

"Hindi ko siya siniraan," he clarified. "Hindi ko rin sinasabi na ungrateful ka. Ang sinabi ko lang 'wag makakalimot. Wag magsusunog ng tulay. Be grateful. Iba yung sa wala Kang utan na luob."

On how Ogie and Liza ended things

Ogie agreed with Liza when she said they ended their contract amicably. 

"Okay kami naghiwalay," he said, adding they even sent birthday greetings to each other last January.

It was when Liza did not respond to his text following her social media blackout that things went hazy.

On "Fast Talk," Liza said she's not ready to talk to Ogie, and Ogie seems to feel the same way.

"Nanginginig pa ako, anak," said Ogie, though he added Liza can call him if she has questions.

Ogie's response came days after Liza gave an exclusive interview with Boy Abunda. "Fast Talk" aired it as a two-part special beginning Friday, when Liza talked about her controversial vlog, where the creative discontent came from, and how she never dreamed of becoming an artista.

In the second part of her interview aired Monday, Liza spoke about her managers' commission and admitted to feeling resentful toward her former manager.

Ogie Diaz responds to Liza Soberano

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