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Bretman Rock has turtles named after two Filipino comedians

Bretman Rock named his two pet turtles after two iconic Filipino comedians and netizens can’t stop laughing.

In a TikTok, the content creator and beauty guru put his turtles to the test in a competition where they race to a flower at the finish line.

“We’ve got Mahal on the right, Mura on the left," Bretman said.

As the turtles were racing, Bretman yelled some hilarious motivational words at them.

“Okay Mura, you better be f-cking sprinting bitch,” he said.

“Pick it the f-ck up, Mahal!” he told his other pet.

In the end, Mura was the winner.

Bretman has witty names for his other animal friends as well. Of his more than 40 chickens, some of them are named Marites, Adobo, Tinola, Sia, and more.

While in the Philippines, Bretman had a belated birthday celebration in Palawan. He was able to try out fire dancing at the beach, was memorably stung by a stingray, and ate tamilok. He also attended the Vogue Philippines anniversary gala and served morena beauty.

Early this year, the content creator also visited the Philippines to hold book signing events for his first memoir dubbed “You’re That Bitch.”



Ugh i love living alone with just my animals ????????

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—Nika Roque/JCB, GMA Integrated News

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