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Sofia Frank on setting Philippine record in ladies' figure skating: 'I was really surprised'

Sofia Frank already etched her name in the Philippine figure skating record books in just her second competition at the senior level.

The 16-year-old skater set new national records at the Finlandia Trophy, with scores of 53.30 in the short program, 94.79 in the free skate, and a total of 148.09 points.

Based on results published in the International Skating Union's website, Sofia eclipsed Allison Perticheto's personal bests of 139.70 points for the total score, 51.66 points for short program, and 93.20 for the free skate.

"They weren't my best skates so I was really surprised and really excited when had found out that I had broken a record," she told GMA News Online in a Zoom interview.

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Sofia made her senior debut at the Nebelhorn Trophy in September. She finished 24th overall, but her scores took a big leap at Finlandia, where she skated to 18th place.

"It was really fun, getting to see all of like the top skaters in the world competing and getting to practice with them was really exciting," she said.

"It was such an amazing opportunity and I'm so glad I was able to represent the Philippines."

If you are interested in supporting Sofia's figure skating journey, you can check out her GoFundMe campaign and her website.

—MGP, GMA News