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Juancho Triviño reveals he sometimes gets mistaken for Padre Damaso

Juancho Triviño as Padre Salvi in 'Maria Clara at Ibarra'

Juancho Triviño revealed that he occasionally gets mistaken for Padre Damaso instead of Padre Salvi, his character in "Maria Clara at Ibarra."

Padre Damaso was played by Tirso Cruz III, but the character is more prominent in Noli Me Tangere, so it's easy to understand why some viewers get confused between them.

On Instagram, Juancho shared a hilarious video of his reaction whenever someone approaches him for a photo and calls him Padre Damaso.  

"Yes, 4 out of 10 encounters siya," he wrote in the caption.

In the comments, some followers quipped that both Padre Salvi and Padre Damaso are "panot" and therefore can get easily confused for each other.

Juancho and Tirso had to have their hair styled in a tonsure for their roles in "Maria Clara at Ibarra."

Nonetheless, Padre Salvi has become such a popular character from the series that Juancho visited several places while wearing his costume.

"Maria Clara at Ibarra" is a historical portal fantasy series based on Dr. Jose Rizal's novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. 

It starred Barbie Forteza, Dennis Trillo, Julie Anne San Jose, and David Licauco.

Meanwhile, Juancho currently stars as Gilbert in "Maging Sino Ka Man," which airs weekdays on GMA Telebabad at 8 p.m. after "24 Oras."

—MGP, GMA Integrated News